“Books Still Make the World Interesting”

book comic

This article appeared in The New York Times back in November, but I saved it because of a few quotes:

“Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC, the host of the ceremony, kept publishing jokes to a minimum, a departure from the usual maudlin digs about e-books and the supposed end of print.

‘Books still make the world interesting and exciting and wonderful,’ Ms. Brzezinski said, opening her remarks. ‘Where would our world be without them?'”

“‘Text is now a verb,’ Mr. Doctorow said. ‘More radically, a search engine is not an engine. A platform is not a platform. A bookmark is not a bookmark because an e-book is not a book.’

‘Reading a book is the essence of interactivity,’ he added, ‘bringing sentences to life in the mind.'”

Great brain food for a Monday.


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