Speaking of Bookstores

They’ve been on my mind a lot.

Articles like the one I shared on Thursday have a lasting effect, one of anxiety and dissatisfaction. There are too many stores, such as the beautiful Rizzoli mentioned in the article, that I now have to fear never visiting.

Do something about it, then.

I’ve concocted a bit of a plan to visit as many bookstores as possible. When traveling, I will find the local store, visit, and make at least some small purchase at the minimum. I will appreciate the bookstore’s smell and atmosphere, its shelves and stacks, its clerks and unique qualities. I will not limit myself to only grand destinations, like Rizzoli, but will seek out any and all, large and small tiny. (Sorry, I couldn’t stomach the rhyme.)

It’s not an elaborate plan or one that will save the world. Hell, it won’t even make a dent in the damage that’s been done to the brick & mortar business model for books. But it sure will mean a lot to me. Hopefully, if the bookstores do dry up, I will be left with nostalgic feelings and not regret.

Here’s hoping.



7 responses to “Speaking of Bookstores

      • I agree. If you ever make it to Nova Scotia, they have some really unique and wonderful used bookstores!

      • Not really, there are just so many! I’d say definitely check out some of the ones in the city, and maybe the Annapolis Valley as well. There is one in the Valley that is inside of a really old Victorian house that I used to frequent. I hope it’s still there!

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