Blank Pages

I always buy this planner. It’s really a maddening ritual, because every time one runs out in December, I buy a new one—that starts in July of the year that just ended. Please, save yourself the trouble of offering me reasonable solutions. I’ve accepted my fate.

So what do I end up with from July through December of the previous year? A lot of blank pages.

Each year, I am faced with what to do with these. My love of lists, post-it notes, and multi-layered scribbling fills most of my planners, and this one is no different, except for one thing: writing. Each blank, lined page starting in July will hopefully be filled in a month or so.

No, I am not a writer. I much prefer reading others’ work. But everyone has something worth writing down.

I’ve adopted a stream-of-consciousness method for these short anecdotes. Also out of character, I am not reading any of it. Write it down, move on to the next page.

Because we all know how reading your own work goes:

Who knows? Maybe I will go back in January and find some gold.


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