Reston’s Used Book Shop – Reston, VA


Reston’s Used Book Shop, 1623 Washington Plaza N Reston, VA 20190

The next stop on my bookish journey is a place where I’ve spent plenty of time over the past year. This is the most local shop to where I live, and I have to say it’s one of my favorites.

Reston’s Used Book Shop is tucked into a corner of the shopping center on Lake Anne. The atmosphere feels like summer, and a farmer’s market materializes on Saturdays in the courtyard May until November. The bookstore often has books out on the sidewalk that entice a browser to step inside their usually-open front door.

I wanted to snap a couple photos of the inside, but, as luck would have it, a pipe burst in their building the day I stopped by. What you would see in the photos, and you may be able to see through the window in the above snapshot, is a cozy space stacked floor to ceiling with books of all shapes, sizes, and genres.

It’s too easy to spend an hour or two combing the stacks and shelves. Even though it’s a small space, the inventory changes a bit each time, and I never want to miss out on a great find. Every nook and cranny is stuffed, so a few sweeps are necessary.

Titles I’ve collected recently include: The RoadA Visit From the Goon Squad, DublinersLet’s Pretend This Never Happened, The Complete Short Stories of Ernest HemingwayThe Dart League KingTo The LighthouseThe Glass Castle — just a whole lot, ok? I have a problem.

Very nearby, the Reston Town Center has great restaurants and ideal patio spaces to sit with a drink and a newly-found used book.

I also wish Reston’s Used Book Shop a fast recovery on their building! Northern VA needs you.



I am happy to report that RUBS is up and running shortly after the pipe fiasco! Recently, I popped in on a weekend, said hello, and grabbed a book. If you are local or visiting the DC metro area be sure to stop by and support them and say hi to Bud and Susan!

photo 1

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