Strand Bookstore – New York, NY

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828 Broadway (& 12th Street), New York, NY 10003

When I started this little bookstore project, I made a wish list of places to include. Not surprisingly, the bookstore that topped the list was Rizzoli Bookstore in its historic 57th Street location. Knowing they would soon be closing the doors on this spot (and relocating), it was a must-have stop for me.

Well, I’m living on another planet. Even knowing the inevitable was coming, I had no idea whatsoever they closed the doors this spring.

I am fortunate to have received a wonderful new career opportunity this summer. Along with this fortune came a trip to New York City in August to represent our start-up at an event. Imagine my excitement at knowing I could swing by a couple of my wish list bookstores while there! Now, imagine my shock and horror at realizing Rizzoli had already left 57th Street. That’s right, folks, I will never stand in that hallowed place.

Their new Broadway location is opening in the spring and on my list.

Thank goodness I can count on Strand for now. I marched myself to their storefront and took refuge amongst the shelves. Part of me felt like moving into a nook there and protesting the injustice of the world. I had a Kind bar in my purse, so I could’ve held out for at least a couple hours.

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photo 3 (1)Some consider this a touristy spot, but don’t underestimate it. I spent significant time roaming up and down the aisles just enjoying the selection, and their prices are great. Plus, who are we to judge? It’s a bookstore; how dare you?

The staff is a bit intimidating, but more from a “Oh man, I look like amateur hour compared to these guys” standpoint than a “I’m actually afraid for my person” one.

I settled on a copy of Franny & Zooey and headed to Chelsea Market for breakfast.

photo 4 (1)Until next time, New York, ciao.

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