Reading Resolutions

book_pileNew Year’s Day causes a lot of anxiety attacks. I decided at the end of 2012 to take it down a notch. Who needs the pressure?

For 2013, I flipped to the back of my new Moleskine and jotted down a short list. It was nothing earth-shattering. It was just a small check list of goals I knew I could accomplish and a couple that were maybe a reach.

One of them was “read more”.

To hold myself accountable, I kept a list on the next page of book titles and authors. Each time I completed a new book, I’d add it to the list. 2013 held a lot of things for me: moving (again), a new job (also one of my resolutions), and settling into a new routine of life. Needless to say, my list of 13 books read wasn’t monumental, but I was proud.

Guess what topped 2014’s list of resolutions? “Read more than 2013”. And as of October, I did just that. (Thanks, Lena Dunham.)

Averaging over a book a month isn’t bad, people. I’d also like to point out the page count of any one of George’s books. My husband kept griping at me for reading the tiny, Bible-font pages in low lighting.

Is reading a full time job yet?


3 responses to “Reading Resolutions

  1. I wish reading was a full time job! I would totally apply….along with probably have the population but I’d be VERY good at it haha.

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