Happy New Year of Books!

Recently, I posted about reading resolutions and keeping mine realistic. It started with simply “read more” and evolved to “read more than 2013”. And 2014 was a great reading year!

My reading included new and used books, library books, an audio book, and even a Kindle book. I read on trains, on planes, in cars, in the library, on the couch, in the kitchen, on the floor, in bed. I read more memoir and personal essay books than I expected. A surprising number of dragons were present (hmmm). Charles Dickens is finally an author I can say I’ve read, as opposed to awkwardly skirting the topic. I also came to the conclusion that I love badass women with amazing stories. (See Jeannette Walls and Cheryl Strayed.)

19 books may not sound like a ton, but that’s six more books than last year. Averaging two books a month no longer feels like some far-flung feat.

Then I came across this post in the BuzzFeed Books section, and it made me smile:

34 Reading Resolutions for 2015

Some favorites:

“Read all the books you own that you haven’t read yet before buying new ones.” (Do I even have that kind of self control?)

“Read the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin.” (George.)

“Finish reading all the series you’ve started.” (Shit.)

“Read 25 books.” (Oh, oh! I can do this!)

“Read every book on your “To Read” list.” (What the… that’s 208 books!! And those are just the ones I remembered to add to goodreads!! Who submitted this?!)

“Read 50 books a month.” (Riiight.)

“Read more books than you did in 2014.” (Now that’s my kind of resolution.)

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