Friday & Recent Reads

On this lovely, springy, rainy Friday in the DC metro, I’m thinking about the wonderful books I’ve read recently, the quality time that’s been spent in my local library, and really good coffee.

I want to take a moment to gush:

I fell headlong into this book while battling a sinus infection and spending a few days in bed. Detailed book reviews have never been a strong point of mine, and I often struggle to voice what it is about a book I love that sucked me in and left me feeling euphoric. If you know me, and I’ve attempted to do this, you’ve at least seen it plainly on my face. I can’t hide my feelings about a great book.

This one by Anthony Doerr is no exception. Best way to describe it? Beautiful. It’s just beautiful and lyrical and heart-wrenching and dammit just go read it, ok?! It oscillates between multiple points of view, most notably a young, blind French girl navigating a WWII landscape, and a young, German boy being groomed as part of the Nazi youth. The characters’ lives intersect in imaginative ways. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book, and the characters are still vivid in my mind.

Cheryl Strayed is my spirit animal. This woman just rocks my world and is all the things I love about a person that is unapologetically true to themselves. I also read Wild last year, and I can’t say enough good things about it. (Not to mention I went and saw the movie! Aren’t you proud? I followed through.)

Tiny Beautiful Things is a collection of letters and responses from the time that Strayed held the position of Dear Sugar at The Rumpus. I typically stay away from anything that can be considered self help, but I look at this as a work of art. The inspiration and empowerment you get from reading it is just a bonus.

This book just took off like a rocket! (Crap, sorry about that.) I tried to put a hold on it at the library but decided I wasn’t willing to wait on the 200 something other people with holds on it to read it. It was easy to justify picking up my own copy instead, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

From the first sentence to the last few pages, this is a hilarious, stressful, fun read, and I am seriously impressed by Weir’s ability to weave science and fiction (and sarcasm) in and out of this great story. Mark Watney, botanist and engineer astronaut, finds himself stranded on Mars when his team has to bail on their mission and a seemingly dead crew member. Well, he’s certainly not dead, but he’s absolutely screwed. Right? You’ll have to find out.

Matt Damon, you and I have a date soon.

I finished up my 10th book for the year and started the next, so I’m feeling good about my reading resolutions. Since making reading a priority in my life again, I find it’s easy to dedicate time to something that brings me happiness.

What are your favorite reads so far this year?

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