Traveling with Books

Yep, I’m that person. I will lug books with me on trips wherever I go. They’re in my purse, my carry-on, my checked bag, tucked under my arm.


My lovely husband bought me a Kindle back when I commuted into DC on the train everyday, and it saved me. The freedom to read rapidly and then download a new book as soon as I needed one was my solace. I hated my job, and the miserable commute would have killed me were it not for his foresight to purchase me something practical.

Having said that, my Kindle never quite made it into my travel beyond that commute. It’s not that I don’t love and appreciate it, but, you know.

When a friend and I bought round trip tickets to India on an impulse one summer, and I started packing for the 30+ days we would be there, I began stacking up the books. I mean, a 23 hour travel day is no joke. Plus who knew how much sitting around we might do in exotic places where a good book is mandatory? Turns out, I was right in some ways. We didn’t sit around much, but as we traveled around the southern half of the country I got a lot of reading done. While on the coast, I found a used bookstore where I was able to swap out some of my books for new ones. It was perfect.

More recently, we flew to Las Vegas for a quick trip and Gone Girl got me through both flights. Traveling home for Christmas? Yep, more books went with me, even a library one.

In a few weeks, we’ll be setting out for Hawaii, and while I should be thinking about the clothes I’ll need for island hikes and beach days, I’m trying to put together a book list. What will I be in the mood for? Will I want light and fluffy, or suspense, or maybe a classic read?? Science fiction or fantasy? George?? What if I take the wrong books, and I ruin the trip?! SO MUCH PRESSURE!

Ok, so it’s not as dramatic as all that.

Tell me: what are your favorite types of books to read on trips? Do you pick titles based on where you’re going? Do you pack books or an eReader?

3 responses to “Traveling with Books

    • That’s a really great idea. I did read a couple of books with India as a backdrop while I was there and loved it. I don’t think I’ve done that with any of the other countries and places I’ve been to though. Thanks for the tip!

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