Naming blog posts is hard

Hawaii was a whirlwind and amazing. We explored, relaxed, watched sunsets, went zip-lining, drove mud buggies, had a snorkeling adventure, only had one shark encounter, came face-to-face with soulful sea turtles (in my mind, they’re soulful), and yes, I did get a bit of reading done.

(On the plane)

*Crinkling of plastic sleeve on the book I’m opening*

Joe: Is…is that a library book?

Me: I regret nothing.

Once home, I battled jet lag and prepared to turn 27. It was painless, and I got to celebrate with a stack of books from RUBS.


I finally picked up Nick Hornby, and, after devouring High Fidelity, I can see it’ll be a long and wonderful relationship. I anticipate it will be less traumatizing than mine and George’s.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.52.27 PM

A couple great posts about Andy and The Martian:

“Andy Weir on his strange journey from self-publishing to Hollywood”

“Andy Weir and his book ‘The Martian’ may have saved NASA and the entire space program”


BookCon and BEA just wrapped up: “BookCon and Book Expo of America in New York”

In other news, DC is wet and kind of cold (what the heck), and I’m dreaming about new bookstores to visit.

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