Atticus – Park City, UT

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738 Main Street, Park City, UT 84060

I am extremely fortunate. Not only was my start-up company acquired but I am part of the team now working with our new company. Combining the old with the new is exciting and stressful, to put it lightly, but a big highlight was visiting our new company’s headquarters in the Salt Lake City area.

After a week spent drooling over mountains and the vast west-ness of it all, my friend and I were able to stop by the downtown Park City area. We had a wonderful lunch and, wouldn’t you know it, found ourselves in a local bookstore.

Atticus Coffee, Books & Teahouse is cozy and bustling all at once. Locals stand in line for their caffeine fix while readers browse the shelves looking for a new or used book.

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We picked up a BOGO used book selection and grabbed a latte.

This place was charming with squishy armchairs and seating in the front windows, and I love all the books packed onto the shelves. Coupled with the beautiful atmosphere of Park City’s Main Street, it’s a great spot not to be missed.

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