The Wild Detectives – Dallas, TX


314 W Eighth Street, Dallas, TX 75208

If there were ever a place to exemplify the “everything’s bigger in Texas” mantra, it’s Dallas. The best word to describe it is sprawling. It just oozes out all over the place, and you spend a lot of time driving from little nook to little nook of local fun. Luckily, we did find some great food, an original honky tonk bar, and a very cool bookstore.

Tucked in amongst residences in the Bishop Arts district, The Wild Detectives is housed in a, well, house. Picket fence and all. Patrons lounged on the porch, out in the yard, and inside on window benches.


At the back is a bar where you can order coffee, beer, wine, and small plates. TWD also offers books (duh) and a “curated a selection of Fiction and Poetry and untranslated Spanish Literature that lends itself to discovery.”


This definitely seems to be a hot spot for students, since groups of them gathered at the small tables and tapped away on their laptops taking breaks only to discuss Tuesday’s philosophy class. It kind of gave me a case of nostalgia.


I’m so glad I got to spend an hour here before what ended up being a crazy week of travel and meetings. I picked up a copy of Zadie Smith’s On Beauty. She’s been on my list too long. I was also very impressed to find Ron Rash on the shelves at TWD. Don’t know him? Go read Serena. Just.. do it now.

The next time I find myself in Dallas, this store deserves a revisit.

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