Bookish Whatnots

Awesome book things.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition 


Adding a whole lot of “need dis” to your holiday season. Buy it here.



tote litograph

Who wouldn’t want to carry around their books in a tote that IS THEIR FAVORITE BOOK?? They also have shirts and all kinds of goodies. Here.


Teacups for a grammar nazi lover


These make me happy and inordinately angry at the same time. Thank goodness for calming chamomile tea… Buy them here.


Immature-but-I-giggle-anyway Matchboxes


I love matchbooks and boxes and have them in mason jars around the house. These add a touch of “don’t take yourself too seriously” to the bathroom. Here.


Coffee Mug


I just love this mug. Get your own here.


Another Coffee Mug (wanna fight about it?)


Because Cheryl Strayed and me. Find it here.




The art of book and wine pairing. Hint: there are no wrong pairings.

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