Love the book you’re with

book nightstand


Each year since 2012, I’ve set my #1 resolution as “read more than last year”. I’ve accomplished this each year by steadily increasing the number of books I read and the variety of titles and authors on my bookshelves. Utilizing the local library and used book stores have made it an adventure (and a lot less expensive).

2015 closed out with 25 (and 3/4) books, which is a personal accomplishment compared to 2014’s 19, and 2013’s pitiful 13. I feel like Rocky, guys.


The best part? It felt effortless. Since making reading a priority and everyday part of my life again, I feel like I found a missing piece of myself. (And I sprinted across the finish line by reading four titles that Kira of “Sorry Television” awarded 4 papercuts to, her highest rating.)

Now that 2016 is here to stay, I’m approaching my reading resolutions a little differently. To read more is now a given, so what else?

I reorganized the bookshelf in my office the other day to identify all the unread books that were hiding. They now have their own shelf and are harder to ignore.

The challenge is to shut out the tiny voice in my head that stops me from picking up these books. What is that voice anyway? A self-destructive one? I bought these books for a reason: I want to read them. So why do I get anxiety looking at the stacks and run out for new books? Logic.

Well guess what, Frank?! (Frank is the tiny voice.)

Get lost.

In a just-do-it way, I grabbed a book, opened it, and read it. Didn’t think twice. It felt so good moving a book from the unread, unloved shelf to the read shelf below it. BAM! Later today, another will join it. Veterans. Books that have fulfilled their destiny and purpose of being read.

Realistically, I won’t read every title I currently own before acquiring new ones*, but at least it feels like the spell is broken. The revelation extends beyond my own bookshelf. All the books I’ve picked up countless times, but never read, and all the authors I’ve marked as must-reads, but still don’t know intimately the way reading their work would allow, they’re within reach. They’re right there.


*I’ll be in Austin in a couple weeks. BookPeople will be the death of me and my checked-baggage weight limit, I just know it. Bring it on! #BookstoreProject



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