BookPeople – Austin, TX

I cannot believe it’s taken me 2 weeks since my visit to get this post up. A.) Austin is amazing. B.) BookPeople is the tops. C.) I am poorer.

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603 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

BookPeople was one of the first stores on the bookstore project wish list. When I found out I was headed to Austin for work, guess what I was most excited about? (Insert joke about my being a huge dork etc.) One of the best independent bookstores in the country? I mean, c’mon.

After landing in Austin, I ditched my luggage and hit the pavement. Knowing BookPeople was right off 6th street, I took in the sights on foot.

When I made it to N Lamar, I felt pretty giddy. What is it about bookstores?

What I wasn’t expecting off the bat was the retail feel, but waitI’mnotdoneyet. This is definitely a powerhouse business, which is incredible. And once I got inside, I started to see those BP things I was expecting. Signed copies of popular titles, tons of hand-written amazing staff recommendations, and the careful organizing of titles and genres were all there. These people really live the job.

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Bonus: KLM was on the New Fiction shelf! Seeing a former professor‘s
(and friend’s) work out in the wild is almost as much fun as seeing the person.

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Quickly, I realized that I hadn’t eaten in quite some time, and my strength was dwindling. I ran over to the cafe area (Coffee People!) to grab some book-browsing fuel and got back out there.

I made it a bold shopping trip, since this year is all about tackling new reads. (Fates and Furies is a signed copy!)

FullSizeRender (33)

With Fates already down, I’m wading through A Hardly Brief History of Seven Killings.

A few more notes on Austin:

Take time to wander around the Texas Capitol. (Bonus points if you’re on your own. It’s a lovely and meditative way to spend a morning.) Visit Rainey Street for a unique afternoon into night that makes me want to pack my bags and move to Texas. Live music is everywhere, even in the airport. Eat at ALL the local restaurants. Visit often.

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Dome of the Texas Capitol


Rainey Street

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