Snail Mail

Spring and having all the windows open with the breeze ruffling my desk papers has me all kinds of nostalgic. I reached for my dusty box of stationary and wrote out several notes to loved ones. I even put stamps on them… and put them in the mailbox! *studio applause*
It took all my strength not to wax poetic in each of them, my heart full to bursting with love for the individual I was writing to while thinking back on all the letters and cards I’ve received over the years.
What is it about getting a hand-addressed envelope in the mail that makes you feel so giddy? It might be a birthday card, a simple thank you, a wedding invitation celebrating someone’s love, or a “Hey! What’s Up? NMHJC.” note from a bestie. All are special, and all travel physically from their hands to yours. What could be more intimate?
Do you love sending and receiving mail?

One response to “Snail Mail

  1. There’s a group on Goodreads who exchange postcards each month. I have been exchanging postcards with those folks for the last one year now and I really like the anticipation of receiving the postcards as well as waiting for my postcards to reach the recipient.

    I love writing letters too. Unfortunately, haven’t been able to do so because of two reasons: a) most friends DO NOT WRITE BACK. :(( I know I shouldn’t feel too bad about this because their schedules are tough too, but hey, someone wrote to you. :((
    b) Life has been pretty busy for me too. And hence, I haven’t taken the initiative of sitting down and writing to a new bunch of friends either. Like I said, I know it’s tough but if someone were to write to me, I would *definitely* make the time to reply.

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