On Not Finishing Books

I should have titled this “On Not Finishing Blog Posts” since I titled this draft over a week ago.

Ok. Now it’s more like 2 weeks.

Despite my delay on actually writing this post, half-read books have been on my mind lately. As painful as it is to admit, the book in question recently is Cheryl Strayed’s Torch. My love for Strayed is deep, and I admire her work. I’m also aware that the woman has weathered some seriously painful storms.

But damn it, Torch is desperately sad. The point is that hope and life can be found during and after tragedy, and I’m sure I would’ve found both at some point upon finishing the book, but this just wasn’t the time for me. We weren’t jiving, me and the story.

Rarely do I just stop reading and say “Nope, I’m done.” Usually I tell myself that I’ll get back around to a book or that I’ll really get into it if I just read a few more chapters. And oftentimes that’s true. But completely abandoning a book I’ve started? That makes me feel weird. Guilty. And liberated. All those things.

Then I remember this isn’t school, and no one is making me read anything. My books, my rules, right? Look, I’m adulting!

Do you allow yourself to put down a book unfinished? What about blog pos



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