Uninterrupted Reading

Getting through an online article without clicking away is a huge struggle. The author might reference something I want to know more about (don’t want to forget to look it up!) or might use a word I’m not familiar with (wtf is a blinter?) or maybe there’s a typo in the text and I just can’t.


It’s sad really, because the internet is just overflowing with incredible content and a lot of weird shit. I have favorite online places marked in a folder on my bookmarks bar, and I cherish quiet morning time when I can peruse, click, read, explore. I’ve come across new and new-to-me writers, inspiring articles, book reviews, essays that leave me burning to write.

But why is it so hard to just open an article, read it to the end, and then process it? Why must I keep 127,852 tabs open at all times, because they all contain something I’m reading, and interested in, but haven’t finished?

It’s just sensory overload! It has to be.

Even while reading a book with my phone nearby I find myself spacing out. When I come to, I’m mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Vine.


So, getting to the point, I’m setting a bite-sized goal for myself to read, uninterrupted, one article or essay or short story a day. The whole thing start to finish, ladies and gentlemen. I’m always trying to expose myself to new writing, and lots of it, and this seems like a small step in the right direction.

Today, I started with this wonderful essay by Michael Paterniti on Page Turner. It has me feeling oh so romantic about reading and writing.

What about you guys? Do you struggle with this?


5 responses to “Uninterrupted Reading

  1. Me and my friends were just discussing the ENORMOUS number of articles that we have saved in our respective Pocket accounts. I’ve kind of started keeping short durations (5-10 minutes max.) breaks between work when I want to catch up with these articles when I make it a point to read an article from start to finish. If I like them, I push them on to my Pocket Recommendations and on to my Twitter feed.

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