“POWERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!” -Mr. Jeremy Clarkson


Power through the reading ruts!!!

I know my last post expressed the hopelessness it’s easy to feel when the world is on fire and that reading is more important than ever. BUT I’m really susceptible to reading ruts.

I started my new job back in March, and it’s been an adjustment balancing a job I love (eek!) and life outside of work. There’s also a rabbit hole of books right now that are so important and timely and necessary. It’s overwhelming.

Then, I found myself in a sluggish reading pattern. Reading 3-4 books at a time is probably not the most efficient way to focus and finish something either. Alas.

Luckily, I finally had a break through. I couldn’t put down Infinite Home and devoured the last 50 pages. It felt amazing. Like the sudden burst of motivation and energy you experience at the end of a hard hike and suddenly you’re surging through the last mile. Besides being a beautiful book, it got the ball rolling. I feel renewed.

I’m finishing up White Teeth for book club and Too Much and Not the Mood is now a permanent fixture on my night stand for dreamy Saturday afternoons spent on my bed. I’m also on a flash fiction kick. Lydia Davis and Amelia Gray got me feeling all kinds of inspired.

(Just realized these are all female authors. Not mad about it.)

What’s motivating you to turn pages lately?


One response to “POWERRR

  1. May the (Reading) Force be with you!

    I think I’m slowly climbing out of a little bit of a reading rut myself. I was stuck on a book of letters by P. G. Wodehouse for months. And then, this little thing called marriage took away almost a month of reading time. Still, I think I’m back on track. However, I’m reading two books simultaneously. Let’s hope I’m able to finish them soon.

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