How To Read More

more. More. MORE. MORE!!!

Too many books, too little time, yadda yadda. Let’s get real and talk about tips that actually make sense for the astronomical number of books on your TBR list…

  1. Quit your job! This is an easy one. 40-50 hours a week plus commute time wasted on a job? WTF you can spend all those hours reading ALL the books.
  2. Stop sleeping! 8 hours?! You can read a lot of pages in those hours! Get rid of your bed immediately and get ready some prime reading time.
  3. End all relationships! Family? Friends? Significant others? All detractors from what we’re really here for.
  4. Stop adulting! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT even think about doing responsible shit like taking your trash out, grocery shopping, doing laundry, anything that makes you a productive member of society. DO YOU SEE ALL THE BOOKS ON YOUR TBR?!
  5. Cancel cable, internet, and cell service. You don’t need them anymore. You’ll be reading.

Now that you’ve got these completely impractical and unhelpful tips MOVE!


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