Brookline Booksmith – Brookline, MA


279 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

I found myself wandering (ok, driving purposefully) around the northeast a couple weeks ago for work. Passing through every state between Virginia and Vermont, I was bound to end up in a bookstore eventually.

When I was in the Boston area for a couple days, I made a point to go to Brookline Booksmith.



“Brookline Booksmith, located just outside of Boston in Coolidge Corner, originally opened in 1961 as Paperback Booksmith with the slogan “Dedicated to the fine art of browsing.” The store was one of the first bookstores on the East Coast to recognize that “serious” paperback books—a publishing phenomenon of the late 1950s—opened up the world of great literature to a mass audience.”

“The Booksmith was one of the first stores to display the books by category, rather than by publisher, and to organize its books alphabetically by author, encouraging customers to enjoy browsing on their own and at their leisure.”

How cool is that?

And OMG the used book cellar…


I could’ve spent HOURS down here hunting for new and familiar titles but reluctantly tore myself from the cornucopia when I could no longer hold anymore books in my arms. (#gymgoals) Luckily, I was traveling light and had plenty of room for all the treasures I found.

Brookline, I’ll be back.


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