YES to this. I go through stages with my reading habits, but I always stall when I’m only reading a few pages a day.

“[…] I’d been reading the wrong way. John Gardner, the literary critic, wrote that the job of the novelist is to create a “vivid and continuous dream” for the reader, but I’d somehow developed a case of readerly sleep apnea. I’d gotten into the habit of consuming novels so fitfully that I was all but sealed off from their pleasures. It was as if I’d been watching movies in a special buffering-only mode, or listening to music through the world’s balkiest Bluetooth headphones.

This style of reading had, I realized, shunted me into a vicious circle. I was reading less because I was enjoying it less, which made reading even less enjoyable, which inclined me to read even less. In this way, a bookmark lodged at page 128 of “Wolf Hall”began to seem as immovable as a Stonehenge tablet.”

“But in book after book, if you do push on through one chapter break, and then on through the chapter break after that, something amazing happens. Subplots that would once have been murky to the point of incomprehensibility (what was the deal with that dead sea captain again?) step into the light. Little jokes and echoes, separated by dozens or even hundreds of pages, come rustling out of the text forest. A writer’s voice — Grace Paley at her slangy best, Nicholson Baker at his hypomanic craziest — starts to seep into and color the voice of your innermost thoughts.”

“Why You Should Start Binge-Reading Right Now”

Feels good, man. Here’s to a weekend of binge-reading.

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  1. Also… this was deserving of a double comment. Because I LOVE THIS LINK. Please message me if it’s okay with you that I (possibly) provide a link to this NYT article in my own blog if I get the chance!

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